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Aug 16, 2021

Trust is a cornerstone of effective negotiations. From trusting yourself (and your intuition) to building trust with the other party or parties, the bottom line is that trust gets better long-term outcomes, relationships, and buy-in.


Join Cindy Watson in this powerful episode to explore trust – how to define it and how to build it.


You’ll uncover the ABI model of trust-building and Steven Covey’s character & competence trust model.


You’ll assess whether you’d pass the ‘trust’ test.


You’ll also come away with some hot, practical, tips on how to build trust in your negotiations!


Trust is one of the core elements of the A.R.E. F.I.T. model (from the Art of Feminine Negotiation or HERsuasion.


Once we master trusting ourselves, trust involves a willingness to rely on someone else. There’s a vulnerability inherent in the giving of it. Our past hurts often make this challenging. Exploring how to give trust allows us to live into being more trustworthy. It takes intentional practice … and it’s worth it.


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